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Need an entertainer for a kid’s party? Then hire a comedian for kids…             “Pirate McDougal” and “Ziggy the Clown” will have them in stitches!

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What sets me apart as a Great kids entertainer?

  1. Experience from thousands of shows making kids smile, giggle, chuckle and explode in fits of belly laughter. It’s heart warming for kids and parents alike.
  2. Sharing stories with animation that captivates the attention of the children for the duration of the show.
  3. Singing songs written for kids to sing along too.
  4. Encouraging kids to enjoy the freedom of dancing.
  5. Magic that entertains.
  6. Games that encourage fun.
  7. Balloon Animals that ignite the imagination and inspire play.
  8. Involving the birthday boy/girl in a special way to make them feel like the party is for them and about them.
  9. Professional, dependable and can provide a current working with children’s check.

It’s Easy

  • Contact me by email or mobile, providing the time and location of your event.
  • Depending on my availability I will request a brief from you.
  • The brief will include your requirements: the age of the child, the nature and duration of the function, how many children will be attending and whether there are any special requirements?
  • I provide you with quote. If you choose to go ahead we will agree upon the best way to receive a deposit from you so as to secure your booking.
  • You enjoy while I deliver on what we have previously agreed and organised.


Xavier is a gifted entertainer who has a wonderful way of delighting audiences of all ages. The children were in raptures through the larger than life characters that Xavier would perform. He also received great feedback from teachers who were in hysterics with his sense of humour and charisma. If his future involves entertaining children then I have the utmost confidence that they will love his highly engaging personality.
Melinda Phillips, Artistic Director Fables and Frolics
Absolutely Brilliant!
Xavier has a gift when it comes to entertaining children. It may be because he is still a big kid at heart. It’s not uncommon for Xavier to put kids into hysterical fits of laughter when he presents to them. He knows how to engage children with story telling, sound effects, accents and mannerisms that are right on there level. He is a great entertainer!
Diana Cook, Manager Warner Youth Education
The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. They were enthralled for the hour. Which was great for everyone.
He was a really big hit with parents as well as the children. I don’t think there was a child that didn’t enjoy the singing and interaction with them. He would be one of the best we have ever had so we will be looking for him again next year.
Our pirate was fantastic! The kids could not take their eyes off him or keep their mouths shut from laughing. He did an EXCELLENT job, I would have him back any day. All the adults at the party had also mentioned what an amazing performer he was.


Xavier’s experience entertaining children is extensive.

  • His affiliation with a reputable children’s entertainment company from 2005 to 2014 has seen him host hundreds of children’s birthday parties working as a: Cowboy, Pirate, Super Hero, Clown, Wizard and Teddy Bear. Xavier would wow audiences through story telling, singing, dancing, games, magic, comedy and balloon sculpting.
  • In 2010 he was recognised by his employer as the best performer to host children’s birthday parties. Taking out the coveted “Golden Clown Award.
  • 2012 Campaign Presenter (Pirate McLonely) for the Melbourne Aquarium’s Summer school holiday’s program.
  • From 2006 to 2008, Xavier performed for Fables and Frolics. A singing, dancing bilingual show that uses theatre to assist primary school students in learning Italian.
  • 2006/2007 season of Cenerentola (Cinderella) where he played the parts of the wicked step mother, the fairy god mother and prince charming.
  • 2008 season of Alladino (Aladdin). Xavier played the part of Aladdin.
  • 2004 Front of House Announcer for Santa’s Kingdom at the Melbourne Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Performing as “Colonel Funny Face” the lovable Toy Soldier.

Xavier is currently involved in providing facilitated presentations to primary and secondary students with Warner Youth Education and has done over 3000 presentations.

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